SPARC Phase 3 is Coming Soon

The Supporting Providers After Recruitment Care (SPARC) program has been in existence for just about two years. The initial goal was to welcome new physician candidates to TTUHSC with an informative website and a welcome folder. The physician also received a free gift for coming to our office on their first day. The Phase 2 rollout of SPARC included revamping the website and writing blog posts about life at the Health Sciences Center.

The phase 3 rollout is now here! The goal of faculty recruitment for 2018 is to be more department focused. Onboarding can be hard and we want to help make the process easier for the department and candidate. Here is what you can expect:

  • A comprehensive checklist of onboarding activities

  • An HR approved EEO compliant checklist of how recruit a physician (this list will also work on all other providers). This includes everything from receiving approval from the Dean’s office to posting the position on Careers at Texas Tech.

  • Not sure who contact in regard to recruitment and onboarding? We’ve provided a contact list of people who can help you.

  • Want faculty recruitment to complete the required EEO form for you? We’ve created a one stop shop for all things EEO. Be compliant in 2018!

And guess what? The first part of this rollout is already up on the site! If you go to the 'Faculty Recruitment', you can find all the helpful resources that are required when onboarding a new hire physician or provider. Now you can get all your forms, lists, and required documents from right here on the SPARC website!

Leave us a message if you noticed that we have uploaded an outdated form- or if you have a suggestion of a form that could be added to SPARC.

We hope that you are excited for these additions and hope it makes your job a little easier.

The SPARC Team

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