National Doctors' Day

Remember the last time you were sick. Sneezing, coughing, feeling like you were about to die? Dramatic, okay, but you went to visit your friendly neighborhood ice cream shop, right?

Hopefully not.

Let’s hope you decided not to infect the entire shop, and instead went to your primary care physician, a specialist, the earliest appointment opening, or the closest doctor in your vicinity.

What would we do without them? The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Physicians in our community keep us well, prevent illnesses, conduct ground-breaking research, and promote healthy living.

So today on March 30th also known as National Doctors’ Day, we tip our hats to you, the physicians, healers, medical professors, scientists, surgeons, specialists, and our TTUHSC Doctors, that make Lubbock such a great place to live. The medical care we get in this region is beyond compare and we have YOU to thank.

Soak up your day, take yourself out to get ice cream (hopefully in a non-contaminated shop) and know that you are a valued member of the Lubbock and TTUHSC communities.

We celebrate the importance of our community physicians on National Doctor Day, and send a special “thank you” from the SPARC team to all of our awesome doctors.


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