5 Things to Remember on your First Day at TTUHSC

Thank you for stopping by the SPARC blog spot! SPARC stands for Supporting Physicians After Recruitment Care, and is specifically for integrating you and your family into the Lubbock and TTUHSC community. We know it’s been a busy season with job changes, moving, kids, school, or all of the above. We know it is probably really easy to feel stressed during this transition. Below are 5 reminders you might need to remember during your first day at TTUHSC, your first month, or even your first year (anyone else automatically think of the ‘Friends’ theme song…?)

1. You are not alone. TTUHSC recruits about 30 new physicians a year, so there are likely other new TTUHSC physicians and families who are going through the same transitions. Whether you are fresh out of residency or owned your own practice, there will always be new opportunities and challenges. The worst way to face a new opportunity is alone, or even slightly feeling that way.

2. Ask questions. If you don’t ask for help, no one will know you need it. On your first day stop by the TTUHSC recruitment office. The recruitment team will get you pointed in the right direction and will be able to supply important contacts. Whether it’s directions to the nearest bathroom or to the OR, it’s always better to ask!

3. Explore a little. Between all your busy work hours, load up your family, dog, or new friends and explore the city. Whether that be finding the newest restaurant, trying one of the classics, or stepping out for the First Friday Art Trail, the best way to learn your new home, is to start living in it.

4. Mix it up. A new opportunity is the perfect time to start a new research project, paper, lecture, or program. It all begins with fresh ideas! New ideas are what make TTUHSC an excellent place to work, so mix things up and try something new.

5. You made the right choice. If you came from New York City, Lubbock will be a bit of a shock to you and your family, but give it a chance, be patient, it will grow on you. Think back to the reason you decided to move your practice to TTUHSC. Think about those ‘whys’, take a deep breath, and give it some time.

You are an asset to TTUHSC, and we can’t wait to see how you benefit medical care for our community and educate the future physicians who are training at TTUHSC! Just remember if things get stressful, just let your friendly neighborhood SPARC team know, and we will do our best to help out, or at least buy you a cup of coffee.

All the best, and welcome to TTUHSC!

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